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Iskander Gaipkulov and Robin Ord-Smith discuss measures to protect business

Iskander Gaipkulov, head of the Department for Strategic Development Policy, Economy and Finance, met with the Business Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan Robin Ord-Smith at the Presidential Executive Office. Press service of the head of state reports.

They discussed measures to improve the mechanisms for protection of entrepreneurs, including relevance of adoption of the law on Business Ombudsman, which will create conditions and improve the status of the Institute of Business Ombudsman.

Iskander Gaipkulov noted the need for soonest possible development and adoption of the bill and provided information on implementation of decrees on protection of property and support for entrepreneurs and investors and on additional measures to protect business entities.

He also told that development of a new version of the Tax Code has begun.

All discrepancies will be eliminated, allowing to carry out illegal actions in relation to entrepreneurs. In addition, participants of the meeting noted the importance of revising the norms of the Criminal Code in relation to economic crimes and the need to create alternative ways of resolving economic disputes.

Iskander Gaipkulov reminded that the head of state has set the task of radically revising the work of state bodies in relation to business.

In turn, Robin Ord-Smith stressed that to date violations of government agencies in relation to business are not fully eliminated and the presented acts of response of the Business Ombudsman are not taken into account. Pressure on business from the inspection and control government bodies continues.

He noted that materials and information on non-fulfillment by state bodies of measures reflected in the decrees of the head of state, as well as other facts of pressure on business, will be submitted to the Presidential Executive Office.