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Peaceful rally for women's rights held in Karakol

A local resident Mirgul Omurzakova held a single-person protest against violence in Karakol city. She told to 24.kg news agency.

According to the girl, she did not plan a large-scale protest, but just intended, having drawn a banner with the inscription «We are against violence,» to stand on the main square of the city.

«Yesterday I found out that a big campaign is planned in Bishkek against violence, and I, in solidarity, also decided to support it. I wrote a post on Facebook, urging people to go out and support the rally. We made banners in the morning, and I stood alone for half an hour, people began to come later. Like-minded people were found,» Mirgul Omurzakova said.

She noted that her father supports her and they planned to hold the rally together, but he fell ill. «He is the first feminist for me. He raised us in the spirit of freedom, without the stigma that girls are not allowed something. Due to the high temperature, he could not come with me. He supports me in everything,» the girl added.