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Kubanychbek Idinov: External management at Manas will improve quality of work

«Thanks to the introduction of external management at Manas airport, the quality of work will be improved,» an economist Kubanychbek Idinov told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the country’s airports need modern methods of work. In another way, we won’t be able to make it a hub. Kyrgyzstan currently needs to bring Manas to the European level of work.

We tried to repair, we are doing something. But we can’t bring it to the desired level, starting from servicing to airplanes. Therefore, external management is needed.

Kubanychbek Idinov

«Thanks to it, specialists will be trained and technical means for development will be provided. Investors will be able to make a modern airport in order it can stand confidently on its feet,» Kubanychbek Idinov stressed.

«The airport itself is built with high quality. If we can modernize, then those who now fly to Japan or China via Moscow will fly through Kyrgyzstan. Honestly, we do not have enough knowledge and experience to do this work. Let it be a public-private partnership project. It will open the way for us. All of Europe, the West could fly to the East through Kyrgyzstan,» Kubanychbek Idinov said.