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Electricity rates not to change in Kyrgyzstan until the end of 2020

Electricity rates will not change in Kyrgyzstan in 2020. Director of the State Agency for Regulation of the Fuel and Energy Complex Taalaibek Nurbashev said at a meeting of the Committee of the Parliament on the Fuel, Energy Complex and Subsoil Use.

The state agency proposed the government a tariff policy for 2020-2023. According to it, the limit of 700 kilowatt hours and 1,000 kilowatt hours for consumers of high mountain regions at a low rate are preserved.

«We analyzed the results of four years and saw that such a measure — a two-stage rate — gave us the opportunity to reduce breakdowns, lack of funds, but we have an electricity shortage of about 3 billion kilowatt hours until 2023,» the Deputy Director of the state agency Mirgul Aidarova told.

According to her, the new tariff policy proposes to set electricity rates for children’s social institutions at the level of rates for electric transport at 1.58 soms per 1 kilowatt-hour.

«It is also proposed to establish an increased coefficient for cryptocurrency mining entities when calculating electricity rate,» she said.