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Visa restrictions decision deals “considerable blow” at Kyrgyz-U.S. relations

The Foreign Affairs Ministry of Kyrgyzstan regrets the decision made by the U.S. administration that affects the interests of citizens of the republic. «We believe that in this way, the Kyrgyz-American relations have suffered a «considerable blow,» the Foreign Ministry of the republic said.

«The American side is well aware that the introduction of biometric travel documents in the country was planned earlier, but due to objective circumstances it took a long period of time. The Kyrgyz side, based solely on goodwill, has taken the necessary measures to exchange information with the United States in the framework of the legislation of the republic,» the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

«The Kyrgyz Republic is an active participant of the international security processes, and has made and is making its special contribution to the fight against terrorism,» the ministry said.

«Out of more than 80 countries in which biometric passports have not yet been introduced, the restrictions were selectively imposed on several states only. This does not fit into the understanding of partner support for parliamentary democracy, which is successfully developing in Kyrgyzstan,» the Foreign Ministry noted.

«The Kyrgyz government has worked and will continue working to increase the level of digitalization in the country as an effective mechanism to combat bureaucracy and corruption. One of the important aspects of this work is to increase the degree of security of national travel documents,» the statement says.

We consider the measure taken by the American side as inconsistent with the parties’ desire to step up bilateral cooperation.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic

«At the same time, the Kyrgyz Republic is open for joint work on building constructive and mutually beneficial Kyrgyz-American relations,» the Foreign Ministry says.