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New virus: China promises to provide Kyrgyzstan with up-to-date information

The Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan and the Embassy of China in the Kyrgyz Republic agreed to quickly exchange information on the situation with coronavirus in China. Press center of the Ministry of Health reported.

A meeting of the head of the ministry Kosmosbek Cholponbaev and an Ambassador Du Dewen took place the day before. The meeting was initiated by the diplomat.

The Ambassador noted the importance of providing complete information about the situation in China. She added that the Chinese government held a press conference in January 22, where representatives of the National Health Commission provided a detailed report on the prevention and control of the disease.

«According to the official data of the State Health Committee of China, the virus with an incubation period of two weeks is airborne. The virus went beyond China; cases of infection were registered in South Korea, Japan, Thailand and the USA,» the Ministry of Health said.

Ambassador Du Dewen said that the PRC authorities do not limit issue of visas to foreign citizens to enter the country.

«The Chinese government has introduced enhanced measures to prevent spread of the virus, maintaining active contacts with the World Health Organization and neighboring states,» the Ambassador said.

The Minister Kosmosbek Cholponbaev thanked the Ambassador for the visit and said that the ministry was carrying out all necessary anti-epidemic measures to strengthen sanitary-quarantine control at all checkpoints on the Kyrgyz border. Sanitary and awareness-rising work among the population in the media, on the Internet websites has begun.

«In order to prevent import of the coronavirus and timely detection of the slightest signs of disease, to ensure safety, all citizens arriving from China and other countries to Kyrgyzstan are checked,» the ministry said.

Thermometry of arrivals is carried out on the border of Kyrgyzstan in Osh and Naryn regions, at Manas International Airport and at the airport of Osh.

It was also noted at the meeting that experts of the Special Committee of the World Health Organization came to conclusion that it was not advisable to declare a state of emergency in connection with the spread of the coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic maintains daily contact with the WHO regional office on the situation with the coronavirus in the world.

Eighteen people died from the new coronavirus in China, Interfax reported. The day before, the first death from the virus was recorded outside the epicenter of infection — in Hebei province.

The Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) refused to declare an emergency regime in connection with the outbreak of the coronavirus in China, Reuters reported.