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Coronavirus in China: Import of infection into Kyrgyzstan possible

Due to a large flow of tourists and migrants between China and Kyrgyzstan, there is a risk of import of coronavirus into the country. Press service of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate of Bishkek reported.

To respond to the new type of coronavirus in a timely manner, epidemiologists and the virological laboratory have been put on alert and work closely with the national organizations and WHO.

«In the case of a trip to other countries, it is necessary to consult with a doctor in advance about the possible risks and get recommendations,» the inspectorate says.

Doctors recommend measures to prevent this dangerous disease, which spreads throughout the world, claiming human lives:

  • Maintain personal hygiene, use personal protective means, do wet cleaning and ventilate the room;
  • Refrain from visiting crowded places;
  • Increase alertness to food safety — try not to eat semi-finished meat products that have not undergone sufficient heat treatment, unwashed vegetables and fruits, do not drink water from unverified sources, as well as drinks made on the basis of unsterilized water;
  • Be careful when contacting animals;
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle, have cold training, physical activity and a balanced diet.

If symptoms of cold-related diseases occur, doctors urge to seek medical help and refrain from self-treatment.

Coronavirus infection is an acute viral disease of the respiratory tract, which manifests itself by a variety of symptoms, from inflammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract to severe acute respiratory syndrome occurring in the form of SARS with high mortality. Incubation period of the infection is from two to seven days (maximum 10).

The main danger is the similarity of its symptoms with influenza virus and other respiratory diseases. Its transmission routes are also similar — airborne and contact-household.

At the moment, the number of deaths from the new type of coronavirus in China reached 17 people, more than 570 confirmed cases of the infection have been detected.