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Deputy proposes to educate children with disabilities at regular schools

Deputy Dastan Bekeshev proposed to introduce inclusive education for children with disabilities at a meeting of the Committee on Social Issues, Education, Science, Culture and Healthcare of the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic.

According to him, the number of children with disabilities increases by 2,000 people annually. There is a lack of special schools, so, in the future, they may be deprived of an opportunity to get education.

«Currently, the number of people with disabilities at different age is 29,000 people. There are 14 special schools for children with disabilities throughout the country. Every year, 300 million soms are allocated for their financing from the budget,» the deputy said.

Dastan Bekeshev noted that children with disabilities get education separately from healthy children at special schools, so it is difficult for them to adapt in society.

«We propose inclusive education. This bill will allow disabled children to get education together with other children at ordinary schools,» the deputy said.