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Attacked Factcheck.kg editor Bolot Temirov makes statement

«I am not a hero. I’m afraid for my loved ones, for relatives, for colleagues and for friends,» Bolot Temirov, Editor-in-Chief of Factcheck.kg website, posted on Facebook.

Recall, the journalist was attacked on January 9. Three unknown men beat him near an office in the center of Bishkek. Bolot Temirov regards the fact of the attack as an attempt to intimidate him.

According to the journalist, he fears for the safety of his loved ones. He was repeatedly offered to leave the country, told about the willingness to pay for his moving and living abroad. But he refused «such a generous gift.» Bolot Temirov did not specify who offered him to leave the country.

He also stated that Channel Five reporters and police officers had repeatedly tried to extract from him direct charges against the Matraimovs.

«They (the journalists) called three times and, unashamedly, said: «Say openly that you accuse the Matraimovs of the beating,» Bolot Temirov told.

According to him, the Deputy Chief of the Investigation Department of the Pervomaisky district acted in the same way.

In his statement, Bolot Temirov also voiced the names of some politicians: «... henchmen the Keldibekovs, Torobaevs, Dzhumabekovs, Tashievs who, like dogs, are waiting for bones thrown to them.»

Bolot Temirov said he would continue to conduct investigations despite threats and attacks.