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Koi-Tash events. State Commission member raises legitimacy of conclusion issue

Klara Sooronkulova called into question legitimacy of a conclusion of the State Commission for investigation of events in Koi-Tash on August 7-8. She told 24.kg news agency.

It was previously reported that the State Commission completed its work on November 1 and its conclusion would be sent to the Parliament at the end of the week. However, Almazbek Baatyrbekov, member of the commission and the leader of Kyrgyzstan parliamentary faction, said that the final document was still being finalized.

Some members of the commission did not agree with the draft conclusion and included their requirements and amendments. In particular, Ismail Isakov, Zharkynbek Kasymbekov, Arthur Medetbekov and other members did not like the version of the document proposed at the meeting of the commission. Klara Sooronkulova then also voted against the proposed draft and submitted her version of the conclusion for consideration by the commission. She intended to voice it in Parliament.

According to Klara Sooronkulova, the Government took into account the comments of some members of the commission and prepared a final document. «According to the procedure, they should have submitted it at a meeting of the state commission and, after discussion, adopt it. But, as I was told, most members of the commission have already signed the conclusion containing recommendations to the Cabinet and conclusions. I wasn’t invited to any meeting, if it took place, then without me,» she said.

Klara Sooronkulova noted that on Saturday, November 16, she was called on to the Deputy Prime Minister Zhenish Razakov, who is also the Chairman of the State Commission, and was given a draft conclusion for review.

«They didn’t allow me to take it out, they said to get acquainted there, so I had spent almost two hours in the office, made my comments. I was given it as a project, not for signature. I thought that they would hold a meeting as it should be, since the State Commission’s regulations clearly state that all decisions are made only by voting and a protocol is drawn up,» she said.

But it turned out that some members of the State Commission had already signed the new final document. How is this possible without meeting and voting? This raises issue of legitimacy of this conclusion.

Klara Sooronkulova

She said that «Recommendations» section of the final version of the conclusion says the Government has to consider the responsibility of law enforcement officials. The conclusions also note that there were miscalculations and errors in the actions of the leaders of the security and law enforcement agencies.

After detention of the former President Almazbek Atambayev, the Prime Minister created a state commission to study the situation in Koi-Tash village, Alamedin district, Chui region, on August 7-8, 2019. It includes the Vice Prime Minister Zhenish Razakov, members of the Parliament, representatives of the Cabinet, public figures and experts.