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Death under wreckage of aircraft not a lesson: Redevelopment of Dachi SU begins

People have a short memory. A while ago, the whole country mourned those killed in the crash of Boeing 747 near Manas Airport, but today, Dachi SU are being actively built up.

Let’s be neighbors

Nothing left of the first line of houses after the plane crashed. A monument to the victims was erected near the road for everyone to remember. A large residential building was recently built exactly opposite it, just along the line of movement of planes. A second one is being constructed next to it. Its owners just have to cover the roof, plaster it, whitewash — and they can celebrate housewarming.

Several young men are in a hurry to complete the construction before the onset of cold weather. A woman is watching the progress of work. They bought the land plot of 500 square meters, she said, for $ 3,000.

«Don’t you fear to live here?» I asked the woman. «Why should we fear?» She shrugged, but refused further conversation.

«Let’s be neighbors!» said a man in the suit. «I have a place to live — in the neighboring Manas village, but land plots are not allocated there. Therefore, I look for a land plot for my son and little grandchildren here.» The proximity of the airport does not bother him either.

There is a dozen of other marked land plots nearby; heaps of gravel are lying, several foundations for houses have already been made. Ditches, indicating the future road, are dug, and even two lines of electric poles are installed. According to owners of the land, electricity and water supply will be laid there soon. In the meantime, they have to buy it from a water tank truck for 400 soms per ton.

Another man pours foundation for a house a little further. «My land plot was opposite the plane crash, so I changed it. I paid $ 2,500 for 500 square meters, a neighbor bought 1,000 square meters. We were given receipts. We have no documents so far. They said that the documents were issued for the area of ​​5 hectares. As soon as the entire territory is build up, everyone will get documents,» he believes.

«I am from Toktogul, my family (wife and five children) are there, and I have been making a living in Bishkek for more than ten years. It is good to have a land plot near the capital. I need to pour the foundation for house before winter in order I can continue construction in spring. Turn to Rakhim, he manages the land,» the man added.

Demolish, cannot be retained

Immediately after the tragedy in January 2017, officials said: cottages were built with violations. Residential buildings, which should not be there at all, are located in close proximity to the runway. Previously, it was a dacha village, which turned into a village with permanent residents over time.

They also talked about demolition of cottages, since people allegedly did not have documents. However, time has passed, and nobody remembers about the area, unless on the next anniversary.

Today, property prices in Dachi SU have risen again. A land plot of 400 square meters with a temporal building and a shed costs $ 20,000.

Buyers are lured by water supply system and furniture. There are all documents, an owner assures. If required, he promises to obtain a technical passport in a short time.

The owner also has documents for the land, which is now being sold in parts, head of Sokuluk district of Chui region Asylbek Satyvaldiev confirmed. «There is a state act on the right of private property. The owner currently plots out the land and sells it,» he says.

This is not a seizure, but illegal construction. The land was allocated for construction of a farm household. People do not have permits.

Asylbek Satyvaldiev

 «The local authorities issued instructions and notifications that it was necessary to obtain permits for construction. But people continue to build. If they don’t stop work at the indicated time, we will go to court. The statement of claim has already been drawn up. The Coordination Council at the district state administration met last week, where this issue was raised,» he said.

According to the official, land owners should have submitted a construction project to state bodies, on the basis of which they issue a permit. «But my personal position is such: you can’t build there, this is sanitary zone of the airport. Nobody gave them permission to install electric poles either,» he added.

It was public, but became private

The State Inspectorate for Environmental and Technical Safety shrugs: «People install the electric poles without permission. This is a «disease» in Sokuluk.»

A radioactive waste disposal facility is located near the developed land area.

 According to the head of the Interregional Department of the State Inspectorate for Environmental and Technical Safety for Sokuluk and Moskovsky districts Samatbek Kerimkulov, the agricultural land was allocated in 1981 to the Lenin plant for subsidiary farming.

«And somehow it is in private hands now. This needs to be dealt with. We prepared a letter to the prosecutor’s office to give a legal assessment to the actions of the State Registration Service and the head of the rural administration. Only the supervisory body is able to check them. There is an airport sanitary zone. Both the Transport Prosecutor’s Office and airport representatives have already approached us with a request to stop construction. Two inspectors from us are there, who keep everything under control,» he said to 24.kg news agency.

However, construction does not stop. Landowners ignore official warnings of officials. The State Inspectorate for Environmental and Technical Safety prepares documents to submit them to court. Otherwise, illegal development cannot be stopped.