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Electric Stations Company asks Kyrgyzstanis to save electricity

Citizens of Kyrgyzstan are asked to save electricity. Electric Stations OJSC made such a request.

As of June 10, the average daily inflow of water into Toktogul reservoir was 835 cubic meters per second, and the consumption rate was 273 cubic meters per second.

The country consumes about 20 million kilowatt-hours per day in summer. Water consumption depends on domestic consumption, and its inflow — on natural conditions, and not on the human factor.

Water actively accumulates during the growing season, which lasts from May to September. By October 1, it is planned to accumulate 17 billion cubic meters of water.

«There will be no restrictions on the generation of electricity for domestic consumers. But we urge Kyrgyzstanis to use electricity rationally. Energy saving are the techniques and methods of efficient and rational use of fuel and energy resources,» the company explained.