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Head of Security Council: Growth of extremism, separatism, terrorism continues

There is a rise in extremism, terrorism and separatism in the world. The Security Council Secretary of Kyrgyzstan Damir Sagynbaev told journalists. The 14th meeting of the Secretaries of the Security Council of the SCO member states was held in Bishkek today.

According to Damir Sagynbaev, the parties discussed issues related to security. Participants of the meeting noted that the growth of separatism, extremism and terrorism continues, and therefore it is extremely important to create a united anti-terrorist front under the auspices of the UN.

The Secretaries of the Security Council of the SCO countries stressed the inadmissibility of interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states under the pretext of fighting terrorism and extremism.

Strengthening of countering the spread of terrorist and extremist manifestations on the Internet, as well as recruitment through the Net, was outlined.

Damir Sagynbaev stressed that during today’s meeting, the parties paid attention to the non-proliferation and arms control regime and called for the preservation of the USSR and US treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles, taking into account its historical significance in ensuring strategic stability.