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Incidence of drug-resistant TB in children grows in Kyrgyzstan

An increase in drug-resistant tuberculosis among children and teenagers is registered in Kyrgyzstan. The Chairman of the Public Council of the Ministry of Health, Aibar Sultangaziev, told today at a press conference in 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the statistics of the National Center of Phthisiology says that people have increasingly became infected with drug-resistant tuberculosis in recent years. The growth in incidence of drug-resistant tuberculosis among children and teenagers raises concerns. If in 2017 there were only 34 such cases, then in 2018 there were already 83 registered. But this is not stated openly anywhere. The data that there will be a shortage of $ 3 million for the purchase of medicines against tuberculosis from the next year is also not disclosed. In subsequent years, the deficit will grow to $ 5.5 million.

«The National Phthisiology Center does not send letters requesting additional funds. It is worth noting that the cost of treatment of tuberculosis and its drug-resistant form grow many times. If the treatment of conventional tuberculosis requires $ 100 for the entire course, then the cost of treatment of drug-resistant one starts from $ 4,000,» Aibar Sultangaziev stressed.