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Deputies develop new requirements for presidential candidates in Kyrgyzstan

Initiative group of deputies of the Parliament decided to tighten the requirements for presidential candidates in Kyrgyzstan. Deputy Iskhak Masaliev told 24.kg news agency what his colleagues proposed and said: he does not agree with all the amendments.

According to him, applicants for the position of the head of state must necessarily submit to the Central Election Commission a certificate that they do not have accounts in foreign banks and offshore zones.

Certificates about a diploma of higher education, lack of other citizenship and absence of a criminal record are also required.

In addition, the initiators propose to change the requirements for candidates for deputies. That is, if a candidate goes to the Parliament from one party, he or she cannot be a member of another political organization or non-partisan at the same time.

It is also proposed to introduce regional lists of representatives running for parties’ seats and to abandon the current electoral system when the country is considered as a single district, and divide it into 9 or 13 electoral districts.