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Uranium mining in Issyk-Kul: Prime Minister instructs to suspend work

Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev instructed to suspend work at the uranium deposit in Kyzyl-Ompol area. The Information Policy Department of the Government’s Executive Office reported.

Today, the head of the Cabinet held a meeting on the activities of YurAsia company in Kyrgyzstan. It is noted that an interdepartmental working group was formed on December 31, 2018. Its participants repeatedly visited Tash-Bulak field to meet with the population and deputies of the local councils, as well as to conduct radiometric measurements of the natural radiation background in the licensed area and the territory adjacent to the field. Based on the work results, an interim report on Tash-Bulak deposit in Kyzyl-Ompol license area was prepared.

For in-depth and comprehensive study of the issue on development of the uranium area, as well as conducting a thorough monitoring of the environmental impact, by a decision of the Prime Minister, an expanded interdepartmental commission was established on April 18, 2019 with the involvement of all competent government agencies. The head of government instructed the commission to develop and approve a plan of activities, conduct a thorough monitoring and analysis of the impact on the environment, livestock and human health.

«All decisions regarding the uranium deposit should be made only taking into account the results of the work of this commission after receiving all exhaustive analyzes and necessary environmental and technical expertise. Today, it is necessary to strengthen the work of the special commission, ensure its open and transparent activities, involve highly qualified experts, members of Parliament, civil society representatives and the local population. We need the most objective and open work,» Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev stressed.

«If it is found out that activities at the uranium deposit could harm human health and the environment, we should abandon the development of the deposit. If it turns out that there are no such risks and the technological process will be completely safe, then another decision should be made based on the results of the commission’s work. Therefore, I instruct to ensure a thorough, open and objective work of the commission. This is my demand and position of the Government,» the Prime Minister summed up.