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Kyrk Choro hands over letter with demands to Speaker of Parliament

Participants of the protest against LGBT, representatives of Kyrk Choro Public Association handed a letter with their demands over to the Speaker of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Dastanbek Dzhumabekov.

In addition to other demands, the protesters said that the parliament should revise the law on foreign agents. This, according to the organizer of the rally, the head of Kyrk Choro NGO Zamirbek Kochorbaev, will strengthen the statehood.

Elvina Kyrbasheva, Senior Consultant of the Department for Reception of Letters and Citizens, came out to the participants of the protest. She noted that she would hand over the letter to the parliamentary speaker.

Zamirbek Kochorbaev gave her the letter addressed to the speaker, the prime minister and the president.

The organizer of the rally was promised a response within 14 days.