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Closed yards in Bishkek hinder work of ambulance, firefighters

Ambulance workers and firefighters cannot reach their addressees in Bishkek. The head of the intensive care unit of the Bishkek Center for Emergency Medicine Egor Borisov told about the problem.

«The ambulance service receives many complaints that doctors do not always arrive as quickly as the people would like. Unfortunately, we have a number of problems, even if we arrived on time. We are not always told codes from the gates, people often forget that they, in addition to the house intercom, have a blocked yard,» he complained.

According to Egor Borisov, it takes a long time for doctors to find entrances to closed yards. «If during the day there is still a hope that someone from the neighbors will pass by and open the gate, then at night it’s problematic to get to a patient. It happens that a team is forced to travel around the yards for 30 minutes, trying to drive in or enter them,» he said.

«If the situation allows, the team goes to an apartment on foot, and the car remains on the street. But often, especially resuscitation teams, has to carry a large amount of equipment. And if they need something else, they have to urgently run to a car that can be far away. Or sometimes, a patient must be urgently transported into the car and must be carried on hands. This creates serious problems in the provision of emergency medical care,» added Egor Borisov.

If our service can theoretically come to a patient on foot, then the firefighters can do nothing without their car. They definitely need a passway. Please do not block the entrances to the yards.

Egor Borisov