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Kyrgyzstan plans to set rules for felling especially valuable tree species

It is planned to set rules for felling especially valuable tree species in Kyrgyzstan. The draft government resolution was submitted for public discussion by the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry.

Background statement says that a moratorium on felling especially valuable tree species was imposed in Kyrgyzstan. It actually blocks the work on the fields in the southern region of the republic. At the same time, the mining industry is an important strategic sector of the country’s economy, which requires creation of conditions for investment attractiveness.

«In this regard, the rules established by the government for obtaining admission to felling are required, starting from applicants, in favor of who especially valuable tree species will be cut and ending with the felling and responsibility of the subjects of forest relations for cutting particularly valuable tree species,» the document says.

It is assumed that the cutting of especially valuable tree species will be permitted in case of reasonable impossibility of their preservation. In this case, a company is obliged to pay the damages.