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Kyrgyz Border Service comments on transporting people to Syria

The Border Service of Kyrgyzstan conducted 13 official investigations against military personnel in 2018. The Chairman of the State Border Service Ularbek Sharsheyev told today at a press conference.

According to him, the agency received 105 appeals, 6 of which concerned illegal actions of border guards.

«We have carried out official investigations on all appeals, and according to the results, some of the perpetrators were brought to justice, up to and including dismissal. In 2018, at least 13 official investigations were carried out, following which 25 border guards received disciplinary penalties, 9 were transferred to posts not related to border control,» Ularbek Sharsheyev said.

The head of the Border Service commented on a case when border guards helped to send recruits to Syria. According to him, the agency itself helped the law enforcement officers to identify the violators.

«Investigation is ongoing. A number of military personnel — the head of the checkpoint and the shift supervisor — were relieved of their posts. Three suspects were placed in the pretrial detention center of the State Committee for National Security,» said Ularbek Sharsheyev.

In Bishkek and Chui region, the criminals, with the help of the State Border Service, put a stamp on the alleged crossing the border of Kyrgyzstan for fugitives at the checkpoints. All of them headed for the combat zone.