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Kyrgyzstan has highest maternal mortality rate among Central Asian countries

Kyrgyzstan’s maternal and infant mortality rate is highest among the countries of Central Asia. This was announced today at a meeting of SDPK parliamentary faction.

According to deputy Karamat Orozova, the Ministry of Health does nothing to reduce the terrible figures. She added that donors also provided funds to combat maternal and infant mortality, but its level does not decrease.

Representatives of the Ministry of Health admitted existence of the problem.

«But often women are to blame for it. Most of the young mothers turn to doctors at the last moment to give birth,» officials said. «Many of them do not get registered. They give birth at home, in unsanitary conditions or do not have time to get to the hospital — bleeding starts. Such cases are especially frequent in the regions.»

According to the Ministry of Health, 24 cases of deaths in childbirth were recorded for 6 months of 2018, which is 2 more than in the same period of 2017.