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Zuurakan Kadenova comments on her in-flight brawl

Former Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Development of Kyrgyzstan Zuurakan Kadenova commented to 24.kg news agency on the incident at Incheon Airport (Seoul, Republic of Korea).

She denies that she was drunk and made a scandal on Air Astana plane.

Zuurakan Kadenova underwent 20-day training in Seoul at the invitation of the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). One more employee of the ministry was also trained together with her.

Zuurakan Kadenova says she successfully completed the training and developed a joint project with KOICA.

«I kept to a diet in Korea and lost 5 kilograms. I even joked that I had to lose a couple of kilograms more. I had heart problems in my last days in Seoul,» the official said.

I took valerian before departure. Later, already at the airport before check-in, I drank the rest of Corvalol, since nobody is allowed to board with a liquid. There were 40 drops in the bottle, I usually drink 30. We also ran to register. Then I drank two more Coke bottles. And when I sat down and fastened my belt, I felt sick.

Zuurakan Kadenova

«I wanted to go to the toilet, but the stewardess did not allow me, saying that the toilet had not yet been opened. She brought me a bag, and I vomited twice. I think I got sick because I took the medicine on an empty stomach,» Zuurakan Kadenova said.

According to her, she did not argue with anyone on board of the aircraft and did not arrange a scandal.

«I just asked to let me fly. Employee of our ministry Gulmira Mamyrkanova talked with the crew members for me. I was sick, I could not talk at all. But then they came with a barrow and took me out of the plane,» the former official added.

Zuurakan Kadenova claims that she does not drink alcohol at all.

«At the airport, an employee of our embassy approached me. She said that the smell of alcohol was coming from me. But I explained that I was not drunk, it was because of the medicine. I’m not a drinking person at all. I fast during Orozo,» she said.

Zuurakan Kadenova left for South Korea, taking a work leave. She does not intend to appeal her dismissal in court. «This is a political decision. Even at the airport in Seoul, when I read the news, I was ready to resign,» says Zuurakan Kadenova.

She noted that she did not get on the black list of Air Astana. The day after the incident, she came to Bishkek using the same company.