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UN classifies Kyrgyzstan as country with medium human development

Kyrgyzstan was included in the group of countries with a medium human development with the 122nd place in the UN Human Development Index. Fergana reported.

As the report by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) notes, the index is calculated taking into account three factors: the standard of living (expressed in terms of gross domestic product per capita), life expectancy and literacy level of the population. There are 189 countries in the list.

Tajikistan was together with Kyrgyzstan included in the list of countries with a medium human development. It takes the 127th place.

Kazakhstan joined the group of countries with a very high level of development, taking the 58th place in the ranking.

Norway heads the list by the UN. The top 10 also includes Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Iceland, Hong Kong, Sweden, the Netherlands and Singapore.

In total, the group of countries with a very high level of development consists of 59 states, including Russia (49th place).

Most countries of the former USSR fell into a group of states with a high level of development.

Uzbekistan took the 105th place, Turkmenistan — 108th. China is also in the same group (86th place).

List of countries with a low level of development includes 38 countries. Afghanistan takes the 168th place. South Sudan, Central African Republic and Niger are at the bottom of the list.