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Turkey renders $ 1 billion assistance to Kyrgyzstan over years of independence

Turkey has rendered assistance to Kyrgyzstan of $ 1 billion over the years of independence. The Ambassador of Turkey to the Kyrgyz Republic Cengiz Kamil Firat said this at a press conference following the visit of the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Ambassador noted that TIKA organization would provide grant support from the Turkish government to Kyrgyzstan.

We decided to send most of the finance to the periphery in the year of development of the regions of Kyrgyzstan.

Cengiz Kamil Firat

An agreement to increase the volume of investments in the Kyrgyz Republic and trade turnover was achieved during the three-day visit of the Turkish President to Kyrgyzstan. Turkish businessmen intend to study the situation in the country’s agriculture, industry and mining.

«Recep Taiyyp Erdogan called on Turkish businessmen to open production and export through Kyrgyzstan,» the Ambassador said.