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Interests of disabled people proposed to be respected in election laws

The deputy of the Parliament Dastan Bekeshev proposes to stimulate political parties and candidates, and to adapt the election campaign materials to the needs of the people with disabilities at the expense of the tenth part of the amount of electoral deposit. He submitted the corresponding bill for public discussion.

Background statement notes that in 2017 the Central Election Commission approved a provision that ensures the implementation of the electoral rights of citizens with disabilities. The document contains both mandatory norms and recommendations.

«Candidates participating in elections are recommended to produce campaign materials taking into account the needs of such voters, namely: for the blind — materials in audio format or with Braille script; for visually impaired persons — with a larger font; for deaf people — to accompany the videos with closed caption or sign language,» the document says.

The deputy believes that after making changes, politicians will have an incentive to produce such materials.

«If a political party wishes, it will be able to spend a tenth of the electoral deposit on that purpose, that is, 500,000 soms or more, and if there is a candidate for presidency, then 100,000 soms or more,» the document says.

There are more than 179,000 people with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan. About 140,000 of them have the right to vote.