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Dam to protect village from mudflows built in Batken region

A mudflow protection dam in Kara-Tumshuk area of Kadamdzhai district, Batken region literally has been saving the whole village from landslides for several years. The Office of the UN World Food Program in Kyrgyzstan informed 24.kg news agency.

At present, residents of Kyzyl-Korgon village quietly cultivate rice, using every meter of land. There are many rice fields near the dam that go through the village to the banks of Sokh River (Kozhoshken). The river serves as a border with the Uzbek enclave Sokh.

According to residents of Ak-Turpak and Kyzyl-Korgon villages, many people would have long left this place because of the constant threat of mudflows and landslides. But the constructed mudflow-protecting dam created conditions for agriculture and residing for 26 families. The funds for the project were allocated by Russia.

«Within the Food for Work program of WFP, 51 people from low-income and vulnerable families of Ak-Turpak rural area received vitaminized vegetable oil and enriched wheat flour for participation in the construction of the dam,» the WFP Office told.