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Cabinet officials clarify introduction of 100 soms for mobile phone registration

A mobile device that has been already properly registered in the state identification system does not need to be re-registered for a fee. The State Committee of Information Technologies and Communications informed 24.kg news agency.

Recall, the Kyrgyz authorities have submitted for public discussion a draft of the State Committee for Information Technologies and Communications «On Approval of the Rules for the Identification of Mobile Communication Devices in the Territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.» In accordance with these rules, citizens of Kyrgyzstan will have to register their mobile devices in the nearest future.

According to the provisions of the project, each time when changing the number (SIM card of a mobile phone provider), the owner of the phone will have to pay to the state 100 soms for registration if the previously used phone was not registered or the telephone number duplicates with other phones in the network.

Officials deny registration of a mobile phone each time when the SIM card is changed. In addition, the committee assures that the importers of mobile phones will pay for registration of the mobile devices.

Individual entrepreneurs or companies will pay a one-time fee for registration when crossing the border of the customs territory of Kyrgyzstan. Thus, it is planned to exclude the import of smuggled and counterfeit phones.

State Communications Committee

«This excludes the sale of stolen phones in the country’s market. The stolen device can not be used in the network of mobile services providers in Kyrgyzstan. A new owner will be able to tie up the device to his SIM-card for free. If a person buys a phone outside the country, then upon import into the territory of the republic he or she will receive a message that within 60 days it is necessary to register a mobile device independently with one-time registration fee,» the State Communications Committee stressed.

The physical and legal persons can carry out registration online on the portal of public services.

«Regarding questions that a person will not be able to use the phone when changing the SIM card, this sounds quite incorrect. The provision will provide the possibility to register a mobile device and immediately register with it all SIM cards, which are supposed to be used with this device,» the State Committee for Information Technologies and Communications summed up.