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Kyrgyzstan to increase fine for cutting valuable species of trees

Fines for cutting valuable species of trees will be increased in Kyrgyzstan. The proposal was made by the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry.

In 2017, a moratorium on the cutting of particularly valuable tree species was imposed. They include Turkestan juniper, Zeravshan juniper, hemispherical juniper, walnut with the wart, pistachio, wild almonds.

The existing fees will be increased threefold for particularly valuable tree species.

One of the most valuable is the solid wood of the unique walnut-fruit and juniper forests in Jalal-Abad, Osh and Batken regions.

Funds received in order to recover losses of forestry production, as well as from the sale of harvested wood, are used for protection, preservation and forest cultivation. Instead of one felled tree of a certain type, one must plant one hundred such seedlings. When calculating actual costs, the amount is much more than comes from reimbursement of losses at existing fees.