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Public to be able to complain about violations during public procurement

The public will also be able to complain about violations during public procurements. The member of Open Government National Forum Chingiz Beksultanov informed 24.kg news agency.

According to him, at present only a supplier or a procuring entity can file a complaint. «We propose to give this opportunity to the public, journalists. The law lacks post-tender verification. Everything ends at the stage of signing the contract. The text of the contract is not published on the portal. It is not known when the payments were made and how the contract was executed. Journalists and public organizations reveal violations, but they can not file a complaint,» Chingiz Beksultanov explained.

He added that direct purchases generated corruption. «When something is bought without a tender in an extraordinary situation — this is justified. Another question is when the Department of Presidential Affairs has such an opportunity. This creates corruption. In addition, funding is not opened in time. Suppliers expect payments for months that pushes them to corrupt conspiracy to get money faster,» Chingiz Beksultanov said.