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Parliament deputy demands to close Chinese donkey farm

Deputy of the Parliament Tynchtyk Shainazarov demands to close the Chinese donkey farm in Mady village of Kara-Suu district. He stated this to 24.kg news agency.

Previously, the residents of this village, inhabited by more than 20,000 people, complained that Chinese businessmen, engaged in donkey breeding, throw animal carcasses into an open pit where they are rotting. «It threatens with an epidemic. As far as I know, the farm was originally built bypassing the law. As you know, according to the Koran, donkey is a forbidden animal. It is unclear how the Chinese have received permission from the local imams to build the farm. I have already sent a letter to the head of Osh region Taalaibek Sarybashev with a demand to inspect and liquidate this enterprise,» Tynchtyk Shainazarov said.

He added that he also applied to the management of the farm, but has not received an answer yet. «I’ll go to the Prime Minister. We must urgently take measures, otherwise, irreversible consequences will begin. There are pastures near the farm,» Tynchtyk Shainazarov said.

There is an irrigation ditch running through the farm, from which the inhabitants of Mady take water. Intestinal diseases and poisonings have become more frequent in the village.

Tynchtyk Shainazarov

There are up to 3,000 animals on the farm.