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Kyrgyzstan develops cybersecurity strategy

It is proposed to adopt a cybersecurity strategy until 2023 in order to better implement Taza Koom project in Kyrgyzstan. The State Committee for Information Technologies and Communications submitted the document for public discussion.

In order to fulfill all the tasks of Taza Koom project, it is necessary to ensure the security of the relevant infrastructures, services and business processes. But now there is no single policy, sufficient regulatory and legal acts on cybersecurity issue in Kyrgyzstan. In addition, the approach to increasing the level of digital literacy and, in general, to building capacity and using human resources in the framework of the state policy on ensuring cybersecurity has not been built.

The document assumes creation of the necessary regulatory framework at the first stage. Later, requirements for the installation and use of means to prevent and detect computer intrusions and attacks, and the system of interaction between the government agencies about possible threats will be developed.

In addition, the state itself has chosen ten spheres that it would protect the most. These are: public administration and state electronic services, healthcare, transport, telecommunications and communications, the credit and financial sector, the defense sector, the fuel industry, the energy, food and mining industries.