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Officials want to introduce compulsory life insurance when traveling abroad

Compulsory life insurance in case of traveling abroad is offered to be introduced in Kyrgyzstan. Deputy Chairman of the State Migration Service of the Kyrgyz Republic Almazbek Asanbayev told journalists today.

«We want to make sure that every person, who travels abroad, insures himself or herself. We introduce the point that life insurance can not be mandatory, except for cases of traveling abroad,» told Almazbek Asanbayev.

It is planned that the cost of such insurance will be 300 soms for three years. The State Insurance Organization will deal with it.

«We plan that an electronic terminal, something like for a mobile phone payment, will be installed near each border crossing point. Before the flight, everyone will have to pay this amount. It will be possible to travel abroad many times without paying more than 300 soms for three years,» the Deputy Chairman of the State Migration Service explained.

«If today we are talking about the insurance sum of 50,000 soms, which is paid from the budget, then when paying 300 soms, the insurance sum will already amount to 250,000 soms. And it will cover expenses not only for transportation of the body, embalming, morgue service, loading / unloading at the airport, but also will allow relatives to receive certain compensation. And if everyone pays for insurance for himself, then payments will no longer be made at the expense of the budget, taxpayers,» said Almazbek Asanbayev.

"As for the State Insurance Organization, we will separate this program. The funds will not come into the common pool. If we do not agree with the organization, we will talk about the creation of a separate migration fund or we will offer the idea to the Social Fund. In any case, we will proceed from the fact that this money will be used only for its intended purpose and will not be spent on operating expenses. We do not want to spend this money on the maintenance of the insurance organization,«Almazbek Asanbayev added.

Answering the question when the initiative may be implemented, he replied: «The bill has already been prepared, and two MPs are ready to introduce it as a deputy initiative. It all depends on whether we can ground the need for amendments. But the fact is that we have already tried voluntary insurance, but it did not work.»