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Majority coalition approves Otkurbek Dzhamshitov as Prosecutor General

«Your age allows you to work more and sleep less. I hope you will work hard,» MP Kaldarbek Baymuratov said at a meeting of the majority coalition during the consideration of candidacy of Otkurbek Dzhamshitov for the post of the Prosecutor General of Kyrgyzstan.

His colleague Almazbek Akmatov suggested checking the conditions for receiving grants and foreign loans.

«The amount of external debt is growing. A lot of loans and grants are received, but we do not know where they are going,» he said.

Zarylbek Rysaliev called for the completion of investigations and solving the murders of police officers.

Kozhobek Ryspayev noted the need to fight smuggling.

As a result, the parliamentary majority coalition approved the candidacy of Otkurbek Dzhamshitov for the post of head of the supervisory body.