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Interest holders of Iska Stroy construction company hold rally

Interest holders of the construction company Iska Story hold a rally in front of the White House in Bishkek. They ask the president to pay attention to their problem.

Recall, the general director of the company Narynbek Sariev is accused under Article 166 (fraud) and is held in pretrial detention center. The people, who paid for the apartments in a newly built house, applied to the law enforcement agencies with the statements against him. Some of them, having paid $50,000, received an apartment without gas, electricity and water, others bought apartments on floors that do not exist, and the others have a pit for construction of a house.

According to the interest holder Zhyldyz Idinova, she bought two apartments on the 10th floor. It turned out that the company does not have permission for this floor, because the house is located near Issyk-Ata fault. It is possible to build the 10th floor, but it should be a light construction.

«I do not need light construction apartments. I want normal brick walls. There’s nothing there now. We demand to punish Sariev and not to release him from the detention center. His lawyers are trying to change the measure of restraint for a written undertaking not to leave the town. We are afraid that in this case he will leave the country. In fact, even our presidents have fled,» the deceived interest holder says.

According to her, Narynbek Sariev is delaying the trial as much as possible. He changes lawyers, then he does not agree with the indictment. Thus, the court hearing has been postponed eight times already.