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Toktogul residents protest against deforestation and poaching

About 300 residents of Toktogul will hold March of Parks in the main square of the city to draw attention to the problems of illegal deforestation, poaching, improper grazing and degradation of pastures.

According to UNDP, their main requirement is the support of specially protected and valuable natural areas, reserves, national natural parks, wildlife areas and natural monuments.

Local activist and teacher Ilyatbubu Satarova noted that people mercilessly cut down forests, pollute water, and poison the soil with waste.

«Look at that garbage along the roads and streets, plastic, plastic bags! How much emissions go into the atmosphere due to car exhausts and coal consumption. Humans themselves destroy the ecosystem. This contributes to the climate change. We want our citizens to become conscious, to make them understand that if they do not conserve nature, then there is no future for the country. That is why it is very important to create more national parks and protected areas and competently manage them,» she urges.

March of Parks has been held annually in Kyrgyzstan since 1996.