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March 15 to be declared National Forest Planting Day in Kyrgyzstan

It is proposed to declare March 15 a National Forest Planting Day in Kyrgyzstan. Initiator is a parliament deputy Ainuru Altybaeva.

As she noted at a meeting of the Committee on Social Issues, Education, Science, Culture and Health of the Parliament, green spaces create a microclimate.

The deputy noted the global problems that lead to climate change: melting of glaciers, rising air temperature.

«We propose declaring one day a nationwide, when citizens will be able to massively plant forests. There is such a day in many countries of the world,» Ainuru Altybaeva reminded.

She noted a negative trend in the amount of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere.

Zhanar Akayev stressed that one should not only plant trees, but also pay attention to control over them.

«We repeatedly planted seedlings, and then no one knows what happens to them. We have a policy of neglecting the environment now: those who are interested in a good land plot in the city center know how to make the trees die, they probably add some kind of poison. We must counter it,» the deputy noted.

As a result, the committee approved the draft decree of the Parliament.