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Parliament dissatisfied with activities of Dzhunda plant

Parliament deputies are dissatisfied with the activities of Dzhunda oil refinery. Several deputies raised the issue at today’s meeting.

According to Baktybek Raiymkulov, the enterprise promised to landscape its territory.

But as of today, not a single tree has been planted. The plant is not subject to local authorities. Can not you take this under control?

Baktybek Raiymkulov

His colleague Bakirdin Subanbekov recalled that the burial mounds located on the territory of the land plot, transferred for temporary use to Dzhunda plant, are under threat of destruction. «In order not to repeat the incident like in Toguz-Toro, it is necessary to take into account the interests of the local population, not to remain indifferent, to take timely measures,» he said.