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Over 15,000 Kyrgyzstanis can count on pension in Turkey

More than 15,000 Kyrgyz citizens can count on a pension in Turkey. The head of the Social Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic, Tenizbek Abzhaparov, told journalists.

The day before, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey signed an agreement on pension provision and pension insurance. Now, citizens of Turkey and Kyrgyzstan have equal rights after retirement.

«For example, a Kyrgyzstani has worked for 10 years in the Kyrgyz Republic, then he leaves as a migrant for Turkey, officially gets a job and works for other 15 years. When he retires, Turkey will pay for 15 years. The pension will be paid at the rates of the country of stay. Turkey applies its legislation, and we — our own. Turkey will export us the deductions of migrants for 15 years,» told Tenizbek Abzhaparov.

The Social Fund repeatedly asked for information about an average pension in Turkey, but received no response. «Over 15,000 citizens of Kyrgyzstan officially work in Turkey. More than 5,000 citizens of Turkey are employed in the Kyrgyz Republic. Our deductions amount to 27 percent, and in Turkey — 34 percent. The age of retirement also differs: in Turkey, men retire at 60, and in the Kyrgyz Republic — at 63. Turkey intends to increase the retirement age for men to 63,» said Tenizbek Abzhaparov.

Turkey has 30 similar agreements with other countries. Kyrgyzstan is working up the issue with the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

«This is the first experience for us. There is no need to change citizenship. The agreement concerns both immigrants and migrants,» the head of the Social Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic told.