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Number of people affected by Bishkek-Kara-Balta road reconstruction counted

The process of payment compensations to persons, whose property or business will suffer during the reconstruction of Bishkek-Kara-Balta road, is at its final stage. The Ministry of Transport and Roads informed 24.kg news agency.

At least 284 households were determined along the road that fall under the project. In total, 958 people live in them.

As a result of the project, 114 households (65 with ownership, 49 without ownership) will lose 9,187 square meters of land. 1,984 square meters are considered to be land squatting.

At least 64 households will lose 97 fruit, 104 non-fructifying and 47 ornamental trees.

At least 3 residential buildings and 12 auxiliary buildings with an area of 268 square meters, 214 square meters under six canopies and the foundation of an unfinished house will be demolished. In total, 16 households will be affected.

At least 23 pavilions and 26 auxiliary structures will be brought down, 93 containers will be carried over along with 19 gates and 54 fences. 142 entrepreneurs are forced to close or relocate their businesses. 18 outlets were declared illegitimate, and 6 of them will be demolished.

At least 85 people (32 officially employed and 53 — employed without employment contract) will lose their jobs.

The independent international company Eptisa, a consulting company for construction supervision, has prepared a plan for land seizure and resettlement. REVEAL LLC prepared a report on the assessment of compensation for loss of property, employment and income for persons, affected by the project.