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Women's alcoholism and teenage substance abuse on rise in Kyrgyzstan

Women’s alcoholism and teenage substance abuse are growing in Kyrgyzstan. The press center of the Ministry of Health reported with reference to the Deputy Director of the Republican Narcology Center Tatyana Borisova.

In 2017, at least 3,161 people with alcohol addiction were officially registered in Bishkek.

«In fact, there can be much more. Compared to previous years, according to all reports, there has been a decrease in alcohol and drug addiction, but female alcoholism is on rise. We have a queue in the women’s department. It was not a case ten years ago. The women’s department first had 15 beds, and now we added five more. It is more difficult to work with women, they are more active,» told Tatyana Borisova.

«Another of our problem is teenagers, who mostly suffer from toxic substances addiction — volatile solvents, spices, «carbs», adhesives and so on. They are not necessarily children from disadvantaged families,» she added.

Three days ago, we received 18 teenagers, born 2003-2004, from different schools in Bishkek, who rented an apartment for 800 soms a day, drank vodka and sniffed toxic substances there.

Tatyana Borisova

«The problem is that there is no teenage narcology service in the country. At one time, we opened a teenage department with ten beds, which was supported by an international project, but the project was closed, and the department ceased to exist, and the specialists left. The department was attached to the rehabilitation center, and now it is called the Center for Rehabilitation, Medical and Psychological Assistance to the Minors. Incidentally, rehabilitation is also only outpatient, there are no beds,» the deputy director of the center complained.

According to the Ministry of Health, in 2017, the incidence of drug addiction in the republic declined by 20.7 percent. The rate remains high in Chui region, in Bishkek and Osh. There are practically no patients with drug addiction in Naryn, Batken and Osh regions.