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60 percent of adolescents in Kyrgyzstan sure of their safety on the Internet

At least 60 percent of teenagers in Kyrgyzstan are confident that they are not endangered on the Internet. Data of a survey conducted by the National Institute for Strategic Studies jointly with UNICEF, say.

«However, taking into account the existing risks, more efforts are needed to increase the access of children and adolescents to safe and high-quality information on the Internet. UNICEF insists on the need for closer cooperation between the government, civil society, representatives of the IT industry and the private sector to develop a digital government policy in which the safety of children online will be the priority for all parties,» the report says.

Every day, more than 175,000 children get online for the first time, gaining access to many opportunities, but also undergoing various risks.

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

UNICEF believes that it is necessary to find solutions that will help to detect cases of trafficking in children, sexual harassment on the Internet and other violations.

«The younger the children joining the Internet, the more urgent is the need to raise the issue of their online security and learning in the digital age,» said Yukie Mokuo, head of the UNICEF office in Kyrgyzstan.

The organization reminded that the Safer Internet Day is marked on February 7, and it calls for joining efforts to protect children on the Internet.