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New trolleybuses arrive in Bishkek

The first batch of new trolleybuses purchased at the expense of EBRD funds within the public transport development project arrived in Bishkek.

According to the press service of the Bishkek City Administration, 5 cars out of 37 are already in Bishkek, 4 more trolleybuses are in the way and will arrive in a week.

Currently, according to the Bishkek Trolleybus Administration, the arrival of representatives of the manufacturer for commissioning works is expected.

New trolleybuses were delivered from Trolza plant (Saratov, Russia). They have 27 seats, the total capacity is 100 people, the trolleybuses are medium-floor, they have a ramp for wheelchairs at the middle door.

Earlier, it was reported that three new trolleybus routes would be opened in the capital thanks to new vehicles.