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Xi Jinping allowed to rule indefinitely

Chinese leader Xi Jinping got the right to rule for life. This was made possible by changes in the constitution: the deputies of the National People’s Congress of China approved them the day before. Vesti.ru reported.

This news has become one of the top for the world’s media. Many U.S. media outlets criticized the innovations. Some (for example, The New York Times) explained that the decision was dictated by a political necessity, and it is in the interests of Beijing.

Xi Jinping intends to make China a great power, authors of the news say. But the changes does not mean that the leader of China intends to take advantage of the right to unlimited rule.

Daily Mail journalist Mark Almond warned that the West should beware of the far-reaching ambitions of the Chinese leader.

Strong China will continue to conquer world markets, as well as develop its military program. Xi Jinping is dedicated to making it a force to be reckoned with once more.