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Kyrgyzstan to choose most skilled magician

Illusionists and conjurers from nine countries of the near and far abroad will hold the championship and organize a show for Bishkek residents. Magicians from China, Russia, the USA, South Korea, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan will surprise the Kyrgyz people. Artists are going to choose the most amazing and talented magician.

«The concerts of the illusionists are very interesting, we brought our best shows to Kyrgyzstan,» said the Russian magician Valery Bastrakov.

According to him, the artists were met very friendly in Bishkek.

African illusionist Andrew Litoro added: «This is the first time I’ve traveled so far from my homeland. I really liked the locals. They were smiling at me. I hope this is not my last trip to Kyrgyzstan.»

The magicians arranged a small performance right at the press conference.

The contest of magicians will be held in the Great Philharmonic Hall on March 9-10.