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One lane in Boom gorge to be closed due to repair of protection wall

One lane in Boom gorge will closed in daytime from March 1 until June 15, 2018 due to repairs. Kyrgyz Temir Zholu company reported.

The protection wall at Kiyamat-Kyrkool — Razyezd 148 is being destroyed because of unfavorable weather conditions. Kyrgyz Temir Zholu workers will begin to strengthen the wall at the section of the Bishkek-Naryn-Torugart road in Boom gorge.

«They will take out the soil, unload reinforced concrete blocks and mount them. To avoid traffic accidents on the highway, one lane from the 130th to 135th kilometer will be closed,» the company said.

During the repair from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, the employees of the traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will regulate the traffic on the road. The works will be conducted only at daylight hours under favorable weather conditions.