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Over 2.3 billion soms spent on medicines in medical institutions of Kyrgyzstan

In Kyrgyzstan, more than 2.3 billion soms are allocated for providing medical institutions with medicines. The Director of the Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund Marat Kaliyev told at a round table discussion.

According to him, the main difficulties are the weak management of the medical institutions themselves.

Some hospitals spend on the purchase of medicines 10 percent, and other — up to 20 percent of their budgets.

«We receive many complaints from patients that there are no medicines in the hospitals. We check every complaint. There are cases when funds are sent for the purchase of expensive drugs, while there are cheap ones. And it happens that a patient is not prescribed a medicine, but there is one in the warehouse. Then they write it off. But the situation has improved significantly. Previously, the patient was written a large list, now it is reducing, especially concerning the basic drugs: syringes, antibiotics,» said Marat Kaliyev.