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Schoolchildren, students got acquainted with life of Koy-Tash brigade

The military unit No. 73809, located in Koy-Tash village, hosted a Welcome Day. Not only schoolchildren from neighboring schools, Bishkek gymnasiums, but also students, as well as cadets of the Kyrgyz National Military Lyceum named after Dair Asanov were invited to the event.

Foster children of the Rehabilitation Center Umut-Hope also met with the military life.

The event was timed not only to the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, but also to the 100th anniversary of the military unit.

«The Koy-Tash brigade will turn 100 on March 18. This year, schoolchildren of Bishkek schools No. 31, 62, 92, villages Strelnikovo and Koy-Tash visited us. Students from two universities — the economic and technical — also came to us. We have shown them the life of servicemen,» told the Commander of the unit Bolot Kochkonov.

According to the Chairperson of the Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers Uulkan Baigubatova, all the military units of Kyrgyzstan opened the doors for future conscripts.

«Such events raise not only the fighting spirit of servicemen, but also are aimed at developing patriotism among schoolchildren. Such events are held annually in all military units. Welcome Days now are held in Kyrgyzstan from Balykchy to Aidarken. But this year we also timed the event to the 100th anniversary of the Koy-Tash brigade,» said Uulkan Baigubatova.

Schoolchildren, students and lyceum students were shown military equipment — cars, howitzers and a robot sapper. In addition, the children were able to participate in tug-of-war, disassembly and assembly of the machine gun and first aid contests.

Guests of the military unit were able to communicate with soldiers, see the barracks, and at the end of the event — to taste the soldiers’ porridge.