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Supplier of reanimobiles apologizes and ready to eliminate shortcomings

The supplier of reanimobiles apologizes and is ready to eliminate the shortcomings. The Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

The ministry noted that it received a letter from the car supplier company, where Dutch Health BV expresses its sincere regret «about the situation when the supply of such a large number of medical equipment and 15 re-equipped cars became physically impossible within the period stipulated in the contract.»

The letter explains that delays in delivery were due to the celebration of Ramadan in the UAE at the time of placing the order, as well as the logistical opportunities that arose when crossing the borders of Iran and Kazakhstan during October and November 2017.

«Regarding 15 units of new special vehicles — we agree with some omissions, and currently are eliminating these shortcomings,» the letter says. «We offer our deepest apologies and hope for further fruitful cooperation.»