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New Year to cost Bishkek quarter of million dollars

Celebrating the New Year will cost Bishkek $ 271,000. The mayor’s office has sent out explanations for spending on the upcoming holiday, which officials consider quite justified.

This year the mayor’s office spent 15,580 million soms on the lighting of the capital. Last year, the appetites of city officials were less, then 13 million were provided on this article.

The dress of the country’s main Christmas tree cost the budget 1.2 million soms, the square — 2.8 million.

The mayor’s office considers the LED 3D-cloth for 9 million soms to be a special pride. In addition, 2.5 million were sent for installation, consumables and operation of equipment.

Yesterday the mayor’s office announced one more tender for 3.4 million soms. In the application it was stated that money is needed to pay for the services of the director, that is, 12 times more than in 2016. However, later in the municipality they explained that «this is a common creative application» for several positions.

Thus, the Bishkek mayor’s office will spend 18,948 million soms for the celebration of the New Year-2018. In terms of dollars at the current rate of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic it is $ 271,850.

Note, last year the mayor’s office was accused of excessive extravagance in connection with the celebration of the New Year. However, then, according to the public procurement portal, the mayor spent less: 15,129,660 soms.

However, from the comments that the officials in the capital distribute in the media, it is understandable — they do not see any problems in such spending, moreover, vice-mayor of Bishkek Aigul Ryskulova believes that the budget for such articles in subsequent years should only be increased.

By the way, in November, financial assistance in the form of 1,000 soms to pregnant students in the capital was canceled. Moreover, kindergartens and schools in Bishkek are crowded, and the mayor’s office is always asking for help in building new ones. The problem of street lighting in the city can’t be solved for many years. Officials all the time talking about the lack of funding and holes in the capital budget. But not for a holiday.