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Orders, daggers, beads ... What's missing from Historical Museum

Three Orders of Lenin, 12 Orders of the Red Banner of War, one Order of Nevsky, two breastplates, 116 address folders, 20 threads of beads, four daggers of the Saka period, arrowheads, a V-VI century chisel and ancient ceramics were lost from the Historical Museum. The museum director Anarkul Isirailova announced today at the meeting of the parliamentary faction Ata Meken.

According to her, the last inventory of the exhibits was held in 2012, then it was disclosed.

Answering the deputies’ question about the composition of gold in orders and medals, the head of the museum said that about 200-300 grams of gold were missing.

According to Anarkul Isirailova, now the museum is assembling the expositions, there are 135,000 items.

«After the checking, I raised the issue at the board meeting of the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism. The main curator and one of the former directors of the museum, who later worked in the restoration department, were fired,» she added.